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On This Day: February 23, 2018

  1633Samuel Pepys, Diarist and civil servant
  1685Geroge Frederic Handel, German operatic composer
  1883Victor Flemming, American film director of 'Wizard of OZ'
  1899Erich Kastner, German children's author
  1940Peter Fonda, American film actor, 'Easy Rider'
  1955Howard Jones, Singer
  1959Linda Nolan, Singer with the 'Nolans'

  1836The seige at the Alamo, Texas, began - only six people survived
  1919The Italian Fascist Party was founded by Benito Mussolini
  1920Britain's first regular broadcasting service began, from Marconi's studios in Chelmsford
  1950Britain held a General Election; the Labour Party won
  1965Stan Laurel, the film comedian teamed with Oliver Hardy, died
  1970Guyana became an independent republic within the Commonwealth
  1981Spanish army officers attempted a coup in the Spanish Parliament
  1991The military seized power in Thailand, Asia
  1993An estimated 27,000 Indians were arrested on the eve of a Hindu rally

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