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On This Day: August 17, 2017

  1786Davy Crockett, US frontiersman killed at the Alamo
  1892Mae West, American film actress
  1926George Melly, English jazz singer
  1941Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, retired general and former head of state, commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Nigeria. Born in Minna, Niger State, he was educated in Nigeria, India, United Kingdom a
  1943Robert De Niro, American film actor
  1951Alan Minter, British middleweight boxer
  1957Robin Cousins, British Olympic ice skater

  1836The registration of births, deaths and marriages was introduced in Britain
  1896Gold was discovered in the Yukon Territory, Canada
  1943Allied forces took control of the island of Sicily
  1958Britain announced plans to continue nuclear testing on Christmas Island
  1970Venus 7 was launched; it became the first spacecraft to soft land on Venus
  1976Earthquakes and tidal waves struck the Philippines, killing thousands
  1978The first successful trans Atlantic balloon crossing was made
  1982Ruth First, a member of the ANC, was killed by a letter bomb
  1983Ira Gershwin, the famous American lyricist, died
  1986Sudan rebels shot down a civilian aircraft, killing 60
  1991Dr. Taslim Elias, former President of the World Court, dies. President Babangida commissions the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos.
  1993President Babangida addresses National Assembly, announces the setting up of the Interim National Government (ING) and offers to step aside.

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