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On This Day: January 16, 2018

  1853Andre Michelin, French tyremaker
  1906Diana Wynyard, British actress
  1909Ethel Merman, American singer and actress
  1948Cliff Thorburn, Snooker player
  1956Mel Gibson, Australian film actor
  1959Sade, Soul singer
  2008this is the day i ishaku mohammed was born

  1809There were attempted risings against Napoleon in Germany
  1920The United States began its prohibiton era, banning the sale of alcohol
  1929'The Listener' magazine was published for the first time
  1969The Soviets carried out the first manual docking of a spacecraft in orbit
  1979The ruler of Iran, the Shah, left his country
  1991Operation 'Desert Storm' began against Iraq, for its invasion of Kuwait
  1994Syria declared its commitment to peace with Israel

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