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On This Day: December 17, 2017

  1770Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer of Operas & Symphonies
  1778Humphry Davy, Chemist and inventor (The miners 'Davy' lamp)
  1903Erskine Caldwell, Novelist who wrote the classic 'Tobacco Road'
  1927Robert Robinson, Author and broadcaster
  1934Karl Denver, Popular singer of the 60's
  1936Tommy Steele, Popular 'Pop and Rock' star
  1938Peter Snell, New Zealand athlete
  1941Chuba Okadigbo, politician and former president of the senate. Born in Ogwashiuku, Delta State
  1944Muhammadu Buhari, retired major-general and former head of state Of Nigeria. Born in Daura, Kasitna State

  1843'A Christmas Carol', by Charles Dickens, was published
  1892Tchaikovsky's ballet 'The Nutcracker' was performed in St Petersburg, by the Russian Imperial Ballet
  1903The first ever controlled flight in a powered aircraft took place, at Kill Devil Hill, piloted by Orville Wright
  1933The public were allowed to walk through the recently completed Mersey Road Tunnel, prior to its opening to traffic
  1939The German battleship 'Graf Spee' was scuttled after being damaged & cornered by British warships
  1954The British Petroleum Company (BP) was formed
  1967Alec Rose completed a solo 14,500 mile voyage, from Britain to Australia
  1984Dr. Michael Okpara, former Premier of defunct Eastern Region, dies at the age of 64.

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