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On This Day: July 16, 2018

  1723Sir Joshua Reynolds, English portrait artist
  1872Roald Amundsen, Norweigan explorer; first man to reach South Pole
  1907Barbra Stanwick, American film actress
  1911Ginger Rogers, American film actress/dancer
  1942Margaret Court, Australian tennis player
  1951Lorraine Chase, Actress
  1952Stewart Copeland, Rock musician

  1661The Bank of Stockholm issued Europe's first bank notes
  1918Nicholas II, tsar of Russia, and his family were executed
  1935Parking meters were used for the first time in the United States
  1942The RAF carried out its first daylight raid on the Ruhr, Germany
  1945The first atomic bomb was test detonated in New Mexico, USA
  1965The Mont Blanc road tunnel, linking France and Italy, opened
  1969Apollo 11, which made the first manned Moon landing, was launched
  1970Britain had a state of emergency when dockers went on strike
  1994Part of comet Shoemaker-Levy crashed into the planet Jupiter

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