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On This Day: June 17, 2018

  1882Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer & conductor
  1917Dean Martin, American film actor & singer
  1920Beryl Reid, Actress
  1928James Brown, American singer
  1934Donald Sutherland, Canadian born film actor
  1936Ken Loach, Film director
  1945Ken Livingstone, Labour MP
  1946Barry Manilow, American singer/songwriter

  1823The waterproof material for raincoats was patented by Charles Macintosh
  1911There was a massive Suffraget march through London
  1944Iceland became an independent republic
  1946A war crime trial, for Emperor Hirohito of Japan, began
  1953Soviet tanks were deployed against rioting East Germans
  1967China exploded its first H-bomb
  1970The Polaroid camera was patented
  1982General Galtieri was deposed as the leader of Argentina after the Falklands conflict
  1983The Pope asked the Polish authorities to lift Martial Law
  1996Alhaji Muhammed Maccido is installed as the 19th Sultan of Sokoto.
  1996NECON releases guidelines for registration of political parties under the Abacha administration's transition to civil rule programme.

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