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On This Day: April 19, 2018

  1900Richard Hughes, Novelist
  1925Hugh O'Brien, American actor
  1933Jayne Mansfield, American actress
  1935Dudley Moore, Comedy actor & TV star, Partner of Peter Cook
  1946Tim Curry, Actor
  1947Trevor Francis, English footballer & manager
  1956Sue Barker, Tennis player and broadcaster

  1587English captain Francis Drake sank the Spanish fleet in Cadiz harbour
  1775The American War of Independence, against the British, began
  1882Charles Darwin, the developer of the theory of evolution, died
  1951The first 'Miss World' contest was held in London, as part of the Festival of Britain
  1956Film star Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco
  1971The Soviet Union launched the first manned spacelab, Salyut 1
  1972Bangladesh joined the Commonwealth
  1982The Soviet Union launched the Salyut 7 space station
  1995A massive bomb explosion destroyed much of a federal building in Oklahoma City, USA

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